Unistellar, France’s Largest Crowdfunded Technology Project, will be at Vivatech

Marseille and San Francisco, May 17. Citizen astronomy is coming to Vivatech! After its record-breaking crowdfunding campaign, the largest technology campaign in French history and one of the biggest ever seen in Europe, Unistellar will be at Vivatech 2018 to display its eVscope, a revolutionary digital telescope that is 100 times more powerful than conventional telescopes.

Founded in 2015 in Marseille and with offices in San Francisco, Unistellar is on a mission: allow everyone, everywhere—whether they’re downtown or in the remote countryside—to look deeply into the night sky, feel the sense of wonder this view has always created in human beings and share it with friends and relatives. “The eVscope is much more than a very friendly telescope that turns amateur astronomy into popular astronomy. Thanks to a radically new hybrid digital/optical system, it gives viewers access to amazing views of the universe normally accessible only from telescopes many times its size,” explained Antonin Borot, Chief of Optical Engineering at Unistellar.

Unistellar has invented and deployed a proprietary technology, relying on a low-light sensor, that accumulates light through a series of short exposures, making it possible to view live through its eyepiece the beautiful colors and shapes of galaxies and nebulae usually invisible through a regular or even a high-end telescope.

The eVscope is a user-friendly device that can recognize any astronomical object, guide people to them, and is controllable from a smartphone.  There is more, thanks to Unistellar’s partnership with SETI Institute, it is also a powerful scientific instrument: users can join observation campaigns run by leading astronomers to view stunning events like supernovae, comets or asteroid occultations, while they generate valuable new data for scientists around the world.

"We recently demonstrated the eVscope’s potential by observing and recording, from a location near Marseille, a stellar occultation by an asteroid," said Franck Marchis, Chief Scientific Officer at Unistellar and Senior Astronomer at SETI Institute. "By combining our observation with two others made by amateur astronomers, we were able to estimate the shape and size of the main-belt asteroid (175) Andromache. This is an incredible first scientific result for our small but very mighty telescope.”

Last November, Unistellar made the decision to crowdfund its product on Kickstarter. The campaign was a record-shattering success, and raised a record $2.2 million from more than 2,000 backers. The eVscope is now also the biggest technology crowdfunded project in France and one of the biggest in Europe. A success that still is growing: “after multiple requests from people late to this campaign, we recently decided to reopen a new crowdfunding campaign” explained Laurent Marfisi, CEO of Unistellar.

Thanks to the support of Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Unistellar will attend Viva Technologies 2018. Come and meet us at booth J05-028. We’re looking forward to talking to you about our unique enhanced-vision technology and how it creates a whole new kind of popular astronomy.

About Unistellar

Created in 2015, Unistellar is a French start-up developing the eVscope, a revolutionary digital telescope 100 times more powerful than conventional telescopes. Compact and user-friendly, the eVscope makes it possible to observe deep sky objects from everywhere and to participate into scientific observation campaigns, in partnership with the SETI Institute.

The eVscope received a CES Innovation Award in 2018, in the Tech for a Better World category. In November 2017, it raised 2.2M USD through a Kickstarter campaign, making it one of the biggest technology crowdfunded projects in Europe.



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