Lessons and Kits

Life in the Universe (LITU) - The Life in the Universe curriculum is a unique set of resources for elementary and middle school teachers, designed to bring the excitement of searching for life beyond Earth into the classroom. The SETI Institute, with funding from NSF and NASA, developed these award winning classroom materials with a team of educators, curriculum developers, and scientists. The Life in the Universe curriculum explores many facets of how scientists are trying to answer the questions: Where did life come from? What is its future? Are we alone?

Voages Through Time (VTT) - The SETI Institute, the California Academy of Sciences, NASA Ames Research Center, and San Francisco State University have developed standards-based curriculum materials for a one-year high school integrated science course centered on the unifying theme of evolution and delivered on CD-ROM. Scientists, teachers, curriculum writers, and media specialists have created six modules that integrate astronomical, geological, and biological sciences. The sequence of lessons in each module is designed to promote students' understanding and skills as defined by the National Science Education Standards and Benchmarks for Science Literacy.

Mysteries of Science - Welcome to Mysteries of Science, a national standards-based educational website for students, teachers and the general public, hosted by the Carl Sagan Center at the SETI Institute, that is designed to demonstrate how scientists use spectroscopy to learn about the surface composition of the cold worlds in our Solar System.