REU Class of 2007


Aaron Adair

Mentor: Gerry Harp

Michigan State University

Astrophysics major, junior

Aaron used observations taken by the Allen Telescope Array to map the distribution of hydrogen in the galaxy.


Teresa Cadarette

Mentor: Rachael Mastrapa, Scott Sandford

Scripps College

Chemistry major, junior

Teresa made infrared laboratory measurements of the spectra of ices suspected to be present in the Solar System.


J. Trevor Clark

Mentor: Janice Bishop, Adrian Brown

University of California, Davis

Physics major, junior

Trevor compared multispectral measurements of the surface of Mars to laboratory data.


Rebekah Dawson

Mentor: Mark Showalter

Wellesley College

Astrophysics major, sophomore

Rebekah studied the orbital dynamics of the moons of Uranus.

de klear

Katherine de Kleer

Mentor: Peter Jenniskens

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Physics and math major, sophomore

Katherine helped design and implement airborne observations of a meteor shower.


Marie-Therese Enga

Mentor: Devon Burr

Northern Arizona University

Astronomy and physics major, junior

Marie studied images of raised curvilinear features on the surface of Mars.


Elizabeth Frank

Mentor: Jean Chiar

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Interdisciplinary Science major (geology / astrobiology), sophomore

Elizabeth used telescopic data to study ices in star-forming regions.


Lisa Grossman

Mentor: Margaret Race, Ginny Gulick, Cynthia Phillips

Cornell University

Astronomy major, junior

Lisa worked on planetary protection and investigated surface processes on Europa.


Andrew Honma

Mentor: Janice Bishop, Adrian Brown

University of Hawaii

Biology major, junior

Andrew compared multi-spectral measurements of the surface of Mars to laboratory data.


Antonia Hubbard

Mentor: Cynthia Phillips

University of California at Los Angeles

Astrophysics major, sophomore

Antonia studied images of the surface of Europa to look for changes.


Kelly Miller

Mentor: Richard Quinn, Cindy Taylor

Scripps College

Chemistry major, junior

Kelly studied the electrochemical properties of Mars analog soils.


Stacy O'Neil

Mentor: Rocco Mancinelli

New Mexico Tech

Chemistry and biology major, junior

Stacy investigated microbes resistant to UV radiation, dessication, and high salinity.


Ruth Pearson

Mentor: Gerry Harp

Kings College, London

Physics, first year

Ruth used data from the Allen Telescope Array to investigate calibration between the antennas.


Amanda Smith

Mentor: Jay Skiles, Hector D’Antoni

University of Virginia

Geology / Earth Science major, junior

Amanda studied paleoclimatology to investigate climate conditions early in Earth’s history.


J. Andrew Stuart

Mentor: Jen Blank, Stefan Green

King College

Biology major, junior

Andrew studied the microbial ecology of an ophiolite-hosted coldwater spring.


Jonathan Tucker

Mentor: Andy Mattioda, Allesandra Ricca

Amherst College

Chemistry and astronomy major, sophomore

Jonathan used laboratory measurements and theoretical studies to investigate the chemical properties of prebiotic materials.