REU Class of 2008


Elena Amador

Mentor: Janice Bishop

UC Santa Cruz

Earth Science with concentration in Planetary Science 2009

Elena worked with Dr. Janice Bishop doing mineralogical research in Mawrth Vallis, Mars, using CRISM images and making laboratory mixtures.


Yvette Cendes

Mentor: Jill Tarter

Case Western Reserve Univ

Physics B.S., Junior

Yvette worked to determine whether stray signals from the control room computers and processors at the Allen Telescope Array are detected by the telescopes themselves in the field.


Matthew Finch

Mentor: Richard Quinn, Cindy Taylor 

College of San Mateo

Chemistry, Junior

Matthew used electrochemical methods to characterize and identify signals pertinent to the Phoenix Mars Lander MECA-WCL data. 


Robert Jacobsen

Mentor: Devon Burr

Colorado College

Geology, Sophomore

Robert mapped features on Saturn's moon Titan created by the flow of liquid methane.


Matthew Levit

Mentor: Scott Sandford, Stephanie Milam

La Salle University

Biology, Sophomore

Matt worked on the synthesis of nucleobases, the building blocks of DNA/RNA, from the ultraviolet photolysis of astrophysically relevant ice mixtures at NASA Ames's Astrochemistry laboratory.


Rosie Malsberger

Mentor: Jean Chiar

Grinnell College

Physics, Junior

Rosie worked with data from the Spitzer Space Telescope to study a 6.2 Micron hydrocarbon absorption feature from potential intergalactic stellar sources.


Alicia Muirhead

Mentor: Janice Bishop

UC Santa Cruz

Earth Sciences, Sophomore

Alicia used MRO CRISM data and lab work to better understand the presence of iron oxides on Mars.


Zachary Nadler

Mentor: Gerry Harp

Emory University

Physics/Mathematics; Junior

Zach used holography to characterize the dishes of the Allen Telescope Array.


Manuel Olmedo  

Mentor: Alessandra Ricca

UC Santa Barbara

Physics, Sophomore

Manuel assisted in a study of Photo-irradiated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Mixed Molecular Ice.


Efrosini Proios

Mentor: Rocco Mancinelli

College of San Mateo

Molecular and Cell Biology, Sophomore

Efrosini studied the effect of Potassium Chloride on the resistance of halophilic DNA to UV light.


Danica Roth

Mentor: Cynthia Phillips

UC Berkeley

Astrophysics/Physics double major, Junior/Senior

Danica studied the mapping and morphology of Titan's channels.


Aaron Slodov

Mentor: Peter Backus

Kent State University

Physics/Math, Junior

Aaron developed a new habitable star catalog for expanded SETI searches.


Heather Stewart

Mentor: Josh Emery, Franck Marchis

Villanova University

Astronomy and Astrophysics, junior

Heather analyzed IR data from Spitzer Space Telescope on Trojan asteroids in conjunction with observing and reducing light curves for Trojan, main belt, binary, and near-Earth asteroids.


William Swearson

Mentor: Hector D’Antoni, Jay Skiles

University of North Dakota

Anthropology, Junior/senior

Project Description: Using South America as an analog to hindcast climate change.


Claire Webb

Mentor: Peter Jenniskens

Vassar College

Astronomy, Sophomore

Claire worked on a novel application of tungsten halogen light sources for the calibration of STARDUST sample return capsule entry observations.


Kimberley Wendell

Mentor: Devon Burr

Montana State University

Geology, Paleontology, and Spanish, 2011

Kim studied sinuous ridges on Mars (possible inverted fluvial channels), and calculated the paleodischarge, in order to better understand past climate conditions on Mars.


Shicong Xie

Mentor: Friedemann Freund

UC Berkeley

Major: Physics, 2011

Shicong investigated the effect of the physical chemistry of rocks on the oxidation of water.