REU Class of 2009

Megan Bagley

Megan Bagley

University of Wyoming

Major: Astronomy and Astrophysics; Biology - 2010

Mentor: Jean Chiar

Infrared Absorption by Silicates in the Dense Interstellar Medium

Sky Beard

Sky Beard

Purdue University (IN)

Major: Applied Physics - 2011

Mentor: Lori Fenton

Determining Yardang Orientation on Mars

James Dillon

James Dillon

James Madison University (VA)

Major: Chemistry - 2010

Mentors: Richard Quinn, Cindy Taylor

Perchlorate Salts in the Martian Surface Environment – A Re-examination of the 1976 Viking Biology Results

Lisa Genovese

Lisa Genovese

Grand Valley State University (MI)

Major: Physics - 2010

Mentor: Peter Jenniskens

Establishing Meteor Showers and a Search for Their Parent Bodies

Vincente Gonzaga

Vicente Gonzaga

California State Polytechnic

University, Pomona

Major: Mechanical Engineering - 2011

Mentors: Jill Tarter, Billy Barrott

Measuring Radio Frequency Interference at the Allen Telescope Array

Tony Harness

Anthony Harness

Florida Institute of Technology

Major: Astronomy/Astrophysics, Physics, Mathematical Sciences - 2010

Mentor: Uma Gorti

Theoretical Modeling of the Gas Structure and Emission Lines of Protoplanetary

Disks Around T Tauri Stars

Erin Lynch

Erin Lynch

University of California, Davis

Major: Microbiology - 2011

Mentor: Rocco Mancinelli

Comparative Desiccation Resistance in Two Strains of the Archaeal Halophile – Halorubrum chaoviator

Ben Ou-Yang

Benjamin Ou-Yang

Cornell University (NY)

Major: Astronomy - 2010

Mentor: Rachel Mastrapa

Ammonia on Enceladus

Doug Packard

Doug Packard

Colgate University (NY)

Major: Physics and Astronomy - 2010

Mentor: Mark Showalter

A New View of an Impact into Saturn’s F Ring

Kaysea Perry

Kaysea Perry

California Polytechnic State University,

San Luis Obispo

Major: Earth Science - 2010

Mentor: Janice Bishop

Mineralogy of the Libya Montes Region on Mars

Abby Reiss

Abigail Reiss

San Francisco State University (CA)

Major: Astrophysics - 2010

Mentor: Franck Marchis

Visible-Wavelength Integrated Spectroscopy of Binary Asteroids

Donna Viola

Donna Viola

University of Maryland, Baltimore

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies: Astrobiology - 2011

Mentors: Cynthia Phillips, Devon Burr

Some Observations on Titan’s Fluvial Networks and Channel/Valley Delineation Using Cassini Rader Imagery

Mike Vo

Mike Vo

Whittier College (CA)

Major: Biology - 2011

Mentor: Jen Blank

Quantitative Determination of Amino Acid and Dipeptide Enatiomers by GC-MS

Beth Wilcox

Bethany Wilcox

University of Colorado

Major: Physics and Astrophysics - 2010

Mentor: Gerry Harp

A PiHI (4.462 GHz) Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) on 94 Potentially Habitable Stars

Denise Wood

Denise Wood

Iowa State University

Major: Physics - 2009

Mentors: Jill Tarter, Jeff Scargle

The Search for Signs of Star Tickling – ETI Induced Phase Modulations of Cepheid Variable Stars