REU/CAMPARE Class of 2015

Shannen Acedillo

Cal Poly Pomona
Mentor: Pascal Lee
Precursor Measurements for Human Exploration to Phobos and Deimos

Isabel Angelo

UC Berkeley
Mentor: Jason Rowe
False Positive Analysis of Kepler Planet Candidates

Sarah Blunt

Brown University
Mentor: Eric Nielsen & Franck Marchis
Distinguishing Exoplanets from Background Objects Using Random Orbit Generation for the Gemini Planet Imager

Kaley Brauer

Brown University
Mentor: Michael Busch
2000 RS11: An Unusual Near-Earth Asteroid

Rosamaria Diaz

Cal Poly Pomona
Mentor: Gerry Harp
Time-Resolved Spectral Analysis of Blazar 0714+716 Data

Gage Edgar

Principia College
Mentor: Eliot Gillum
OSETI Sensitivity and Detection

Melissa Hannan

Cal State, San Bernardino
Mentor: Peter Jenniskens
Finding Diversity in Our Solar System Through Impact Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Matthew Herman

Principia College
Mentor: Eliot Gillum
OSETI Hardware and Optimization

Stephen Heywood

Cal State, San Marcos
Mentor: Richard Quinn
Synthesis of Calcium Sulfate for use as Mars Simulant

Tarryn Kahre

U of Oklahoma
Mentor: Douglas Caldwell
Detecting K2 Campaign 3 Planet Candidates: The Catalog

Katherine Karnes

Colgate University
Mentor: Jeff Smith
Detecting K2 Campaign 3 Planet Candidates: The Pipeline


Paige Morkner

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Mentor: Virginia Gulick
Remote Exploration of Mars Surface Processes

Yuta Takagi

Oberlin College
Mentor: Pascal Lee
Potential for Water on Phobos and Deimos

Mara Zimmerman

Juniata College
Mentor: Susan Mullally
Heartbeat Stars in Kepler Data: Determining Rotation Spots and Pseudosynchronization