Dale Andersen
Senior Research Scientist

Job Description: To Explore the Unknown

Dana Backman
Director of Outreach for SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy)

Mary Barsony
Research Scientist

Ross Beyer
Research Scientist

Janice Bishop
Senior Research Scientist, Chair of the Astrobiology group

Curiosity about how life might have evolved on Mars could help reveal more about our own planet.

Rosalba Bonaccorsi
Research Scientist

Planetary studies can spark the imagination. We want to go to Mars. Humans have dreamed of going to another planet and looking for life throughout the ages. We want to better understand the nature of the Solar System and we want to know if we're alone.

Adrian Brown
Research Scientist

We're finding out as much as we can about our nearest habitable neighbor in order to lay the groundwork for the eventual colonization of Mars. There is nothing scientifically stopping us.

Christopher Burke
Kepler SO Support Scientist

Michael Busch
Research Scientist

Nathalie Cabrol
Senior Research Scientist and Director of the Carl Sagan Center

A passion for exploration