Past Lectures

November 18, 2009
Linda Spilker
The Rings of Saturn as seen by Cassini CIRS
October 28, 2009
Elmar Fuchs
The Inner Structure of a Floating Water Bridge
October 21, 2009
Tony Colaprete, Jennifer Heldmann and Diane Wooden
Special Panel: LCROSS Mission - the first results of the impact
October 07, 2009
Nathan Bramall, NASA Ames Space Science Division
Detecting Organics using Fluorescence Spectroscopy
September 02, 2009
Natalie Batalha
Kepler's First Peek
August 19, 2009
Michael Carr
Mars: The water story and prospects for life
August 12, 2009
Dave Brain
Atmospheric Escape and Aurora on Mars
August 05, 2009
Kevin Zahnle
Earth after the Moon-forming Impact
July 08, 2009
Peter Jenniskens
The impact and recovery of asteroid 2008 TC3
June 24, 2009
Robert Lillis
Death of the Martian Dynamo
June 10, 2009
Mikhail Kreslavsky
Geological record of recent climate change on Mars
May 27, 2009
Robert Landis
NEOs Ho!! The Asteroid Option
April 22, 2009
Tom Abel
First Things in the Universe
April 15, 2009
Jasper Halekas
The Dynamic Lunar Environment
March 18, 2009
Richard Muller
Discovery of Strong Cycles in Fossil Diversity
March 04, 2009
Ross A. Beyer
Google Earth, now with Mars!
February 11, 2009
Margaret Race, Rocco Mancinelli and Workshop Participants
Developing a Roadmap of Astrobiology Societal Issues
February 04, 2009
JoAnne Hewett
The Hunt for Hidden Dimensions
January 07, 2009
David Morrison
Mission to a Potentially Threatening Asteroid