Past Lectures

December 11, 2012
David Morrison, NASA Ames Research Center. Ed Krupp, Griffith Observatory, Southern California. Andrew Fraknoi, Foothill College
Why the World Will Still Be Here After December 21st.
December 04, 2012
Ashwin Vasavada
NASA's Curiosity Rover: Four Months on Mars
November 27, 2012
Sara Walker
The Algorithmic Origins of Life
November 13, 2012
Kevin Arrigo
Climate Change Impacts in the Arctic Ocean
November 01, 2012
Nathalie Cabrol
Planetary Lake Lander
October 10, 2012
Britney Schmidt
Europa's Great Lakes
October 03, 2012
Chris Fassnacht
Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe
September 12, 2012
John Spencer
Ice on the Move: From Io to Pluto
July 25, 2012
Andrei Linde
Life in the Multiverse
May 23, 2012
David Morrison
Astrobiology at the Carl Sagan Center
May 16, 2012
Francois Forget
The Climates of the Planet Mars
March 14, 2012
Larry Esposito
A Post-Equinox View of Saturn's Rings
March 07, 2012
Paul Davies
How To Build A Time Machine
February 24, 2012
Jan Cami
Space Buckyballs
February 17, 2012
Alexander Westphal
Inflation and the Landscape of String Theory
February 01, 2012
Uma Gorti
Dispersal of Protoplanetary Disks
January 04, 2012
Jack Lissauer
Rotation of a Moonless Earth - Who needs a Moon?