Past Lectures

December 17, 2013
John Baez
Life's Struggle to Survive
October 08, 2013
Joe Polchinsky
Black Holes, Quantum Mechanics and Firewalls
September 17, 2013
David Des Marais
Marine microbial mats and our early biosphere
September 10, 2013
John Lewis
To The Asteroids - and Beyond!
August 20, 2013
Steve Warren
Ocean Surfaces on Snowball Earth
July 23, 2013
Paul De Carli
Free Samples from Mars
July 16, 2013
Tamara McDunn
Atmospheric Polar Warming at Mars
June 24, 2013
Lee Smolin
The Evolution of the Laws of Physics
June 11, 2013
Jon Jenkins
The Once and Future Kepler
May 07, 2013
Peter Jenniskens
Postcards from Chelyabinsk
April 23, 2013
Claudio Maccone, IAA
A new book on Mathematical SETI
March 12, 2013
Robert Laughlin
A Different Universe
February 22, 2013
Guy Consolmagno
Adventures of a Vatican Astronomer
February 08, 2013
Danny Bazo
Robots, Embodiment, and Mediated Virtuality