Past Lectures

November 17, 2015
Eric Stackpole
Connected Exploration
November 10, 2015
Fergal Mullally
Planets Everywhere: The 7th Kepler Planet Catalog
November 03, 2015
Henrique Gomes
Shape dynamics: a relational view of the Universe
October 20, 2015
Leo Blitz
Are Old Galaxies Really Red and Dead?
October 13, 2015
Alexander Tielens
Astrochemistry: putting the astro in astrobiology
August 18, 2015
Research Experience for Undergraduate summer students
REU Students Lightning Talks
August 11, 2015
Howard Zebker
Titan's Oceans observed by CASSINI Radar
June 30, 2015
Michael Busch and Peter Jenniskens
Asteroid Day Special Event
March 31, 2015
Matthew Tiscareno
Saturn's Rings: An accessible Astrophysical Disk
February 17, 2015
David Grinspoon
The Anthropocene Epoch in Cosmic Evolution
February 03, 2015
Pascal Lee
Polar Trek to Mars
January 06, 2015
Ramses Ramirez
The Habitable Zones of Pre-Main-Sequence Stars