Mars Lectures

April 19, 2018 What Are We Protecting Mars From — And Why Do We Bother?
John Rummel, Robert Zubrin
SETI Institute and Lockheed Martin Astronautics
March 27, 2018 Roving on Mars: Revving up for Future Exploration of the Red Planet
Janice Bishop, Ginny Gulick, Pablo Sobron
SETI Institute
December 02, 2014 Attempts to explain water loss from Mars
Stephen Brecht
Bay Area Research Corporation
October 28, 2014 Extending the search for ETI communication to near-infrared wavelengths
Shelley Wright
University of Toronto
October 07, 2014 Recurring Slope Lineae: Confirmation of shallow subsurface flowing water on Mars
David Stillman
Southwest Research Institute
September 16, 2014 Mars: Periglacial morphology and ice stability
Jennifer Heldmann
NASA Ames Research Center
June 03, 2014 MISSION TO PHOBOS AND DEIMOS: Exploring the Moons of Mars
Pascal Lee
SETI Institute
May 13, 2014 Carbon dioxide snowfalls, polar caps, and the climate of Mars
Paul Hayne
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
April 08, 2014 Boulder Clustering on Martian Polygonal Patterned Ground
Travis Orloff
UC Santa Cruz
October 22, 2013 Dynamics of Ice, Water and Salts in the Martian Subsurface
Bryan Travis
Los Alamos National Laborator
July 23, 2013 Free Samples from Mars
Paul De Carli
July 16, 2013 Atmospheric Polar Warming at Mars
Tamara McDunn
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
July 09, 2013 Discovery of a New Unique Water-rich Meteorite from Mars
Carl B. Agee
University of New Mexico
January 29, 2013 A Cook's Tour of the CheMin XRD/XRF instrument and an insider's view of the MSL Curiosity mission on Mars
David Blake
Space Science and Astrobiology Division, NASA Ames Research Center
December 04, 2012 NASA's Curiosity Rover: Four Months on Mars
Ashwin Vasavada
Deputy Scientist of the MSL Mission, Jet Propulsion Lab
September 19, 2012 Active geologic processes in the solar system: Mars, Io and Icy Satellites
Cynthia Phillips
SETI Institute
August 17, 2012 Searching for life on Mars using 3D hyperspectral and fluorescent data (Video)
Jan-Peter Muller
Space and Climate Physics, University College, London
May 16, 2012 The Climates of the Planet Mars
Francois Forget
Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique
August 03, 2011 Rethinking the General Circulation of the Atmosphere of Mars
Scot Rafkin, Southwest Research Institute
July 13, 2011 Is there methane on Mars?
Kevin Zahnle
Space Science Division, NASA Ames Research Center
April 13, 2011 Mars Odyssey measurements of radiation at Mars
Cary Zeitlin
March 02, 2011 Sand Seas in the Solar System
Lori Fenton
Carl Sagan Center for Life in the Universe, SETI Institute
December 15, 2010 Bringing a Chemical Laboratory Named Sam to Mars on the 2011 Curiosity Rover
Paul Mahaffy
Sciences and Exploration Directorate, Goddard Space Flight Center
December 08, 2010 Microbial Dark Matter in Glacial Ice and implications for Martian life
P. Buford Price
Professor, Graduate School, UC Berkeley
October 06, 2010 The Mars dichotomy: Brought to you by a mega impact
Margarita Marinova
NASA Ames Research Center
September 29, 2010 Lakes on Mars: Their Past, Present, and Future Exploration
Nathalie Cabrol
SETI Institute
September 15, 2010 From the Earth to Mars: Lessons for Mars Science and Exploration from the Haughton-Mars Project, Devon Island, High Arctic
<iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>Pascal Lee
SETI Institute, Mars Institute, & NASA Ames Research Center
July 28, 2010 Exploring Mars for evidence of habitable environments and life
Dave Des Marais
NASA Ames Research Center
May 19, 2010 ChemCam - the laser on the next Mars Lande
Jen Blank
SETI Institute
March 17, 2010 What clays can tell us about past climate at Mawrth Vallis, Mars
Nancy McKeown
Earth and Planetary Science Department, UC Santa Cruz
February 24, 2010 The Habitability of the Phoenix Landing Site
Carol Stoker
Space Science and Astrobiology Division, NASA Ames
September 23, 2009 Where is Mars' Ice? Constraints from impact craters and lobate debris aprons on a mid-latitude reservoir
Reid Parsons
Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, UC Santa Cruz
August 19, 2009 Mars: The water story and prospects for life
Michael Carr
USGS Menlo Park
August 12, 2009 Atmospheric Escape and Aurora on Mars
Dave Brain
UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory
June 24, 2009 Death of the Martian Dynamo
Robert Lillis
Planetary and Space Physics, UC Berkeley
June 10, 2009 Geological record of recent climate change on Mars
Mikhail Kreslavsky
UC Santa Cruz
March 04, 2009 Google Earth, now with Mars!
Ross A. Beyer
SETI Institute and NASA Ames
January 28, 2009 Surface modifications by winds on Earth, Mars, Venus, and Titan
Ron Greeley
Regent's Professor, Arizona State University
January 14, 2009 Laboratory Studies of Water Ice Cloud formation under Martian Conditions
Dr. Laura T. Iraci
NASA Ames Research Center
December 03, 2008 The Weather on Mars
David Hinson
SETI Institute
July 02, 2008 An Electromagnetic Sounder to Detect Subsurface Liquid Water on Mars: Field Test Results
Greg Delory
Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley
February 06, 2008 HiRISE views of Martian Strata and Slope Streaks
Ross Beyer
SETI Institute
December 19, 2007 Planetary Habitability of Mars and of Titan: A Tale of Two Worlds
Devon Burr
SETI Institute