Astrobiology Lectures

March 27, 2017 Latest Exoplanet Results from NASA's Kepler/K2 Mission
Ian Crossfield
UC Santa Cruz
March 21, 2017 NASA's search for habitable planets and life beyond the solar system
Gary H. Blackwood
NASA Exoplanet Exploration Program, JPL
March 14, 2017 A Journey to Alpha Centauri
Christian Marois
Univ. of Victoria
March 03, 2017 Cancelled - Some Radical Thoughts on SETI
Dr. Seth Shostak
SETI Institute
February 21, 2017 Origins of Structure in Planetary Systems
Ruth Murray-Clay
UC Santa Cruz
February 14, 2017 Constraining the Evolution of a Delta Deposit on Mars from Orbit
Tim Goudge
Jackson School of Geosciences, UT Austin
February 07, 2017 Stellar occultations of planetary rings: from Palomar to Cassini
Phil Nicholson
Cornell University
January 31, 2017 How Stars Form
Christopher McKee
UC Berkeley
January 23, 2017 Exocomets: Now you see them, now you don't
Barry Welsh
UC Berkeley
January 10, 2017 The Late Veneer and Earth's habitability
Norm Sleep
Stanford University
December 20, 2016 Sustainable Energy Now and in a Livable Future
Dan Kammen
UC Berkeley
December 06, 2016 Crucible of Worlds: A System for Space Synthetic Biology Experiments
Aaron Berliner
Autodesk and UC Berkeley
November 29, 2016 Robust Emergence of diverse planetary systems
Doug Lin
UC Santa Cruz
November 22, 2016 How galaxies are influenced by the largest structures in the Universe
Mehmet Alpaslan
NASA Ames Research Center
November 08, 2016 History of Clays on Mars: How we found them + Astrobiological Importance
Janice Bishop
SETI Institute
October 25, 2016 The History of the Martian South Polar Cap
Carver Bierson
UC Santa Cruz
October 11, 2016 Triggering Big Bursts of Star Formation in Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies
Trisha Ashley
Bay Area Env Res Institute
October 04, 2016 A Novel Approach to OSETI
Eliot Gillum
Microsoft and SETI Institute
September 27, 2016 Methane on Mars: potential origin and seepage
Giuseppe Etiope
Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Roma
September 20, 2016 Pluto's interacting surface and atmosphere
Leslie Young
September 06, 2016 The Youngest Planets and their Host Stars
Ann Marie Cody
NASA Ames and SETI Institute
August 30, 2016 A Terrestrial Exoplanet at Proxima Centauri
Guillem Anglada
Queen Mary University of London
August 23, 2016 Characterizing the Coldest Exoplanets
Andrew Skemer
UC Santa Cruz
August 16, 2016 REU Students Lightning Talks
REU students
SETI Institute
August 09, 2016 Frontiers in Artifact SETI: Waste Heat, Alien Megastructures & Tabbys Star
Jason Wright
Penn State University
August 02, 2016 Satellite Formation-Flying for Future Space Science and Exploration
Simone D'Amico
Stanford University
July 26, 2016 Bringing Nuclear Power to Mars
Frank H. Shu
University Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley
July 12, 2016 Large Hadron Collider, Stage 2: the search for new particles and forces
Michael Peskin
Stanford University
June 28, 2016 The Evolution and Explosion of Massive Stars
Tuguldur Sukhbold
UC Santa Cruz
June 14, 2016 Evolution of the Solar System Inferred from Sm-Nd Isotopic Studies
Lars Borg
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
June 07, 2016 Quantum mechanics at the macroscopic scale
Mark Kasevich
Stanford University
May 31, 2016 Sniffing Alien Atmospheres: Exoplanet spectrophotometry
Daniel Angerhausen
Goddard Spaceflight Center
May 24, 2016 400 years of Planetary Cartography - mapping channels on Mars
Henrik Hargitai
NASA Ames Research Center
May 17, 2016 Charon: Pluto's Fascinating moon from New Horizons
Ross Beyer
SETI Institute
May 10, 2016 But What About the Stellar Occultation Data of Pluto's Atmosphere?
Angela Zalucha
SETI Institute
May 03, 2016 When Will We Find Life Beyond Earth?
Nathalie Cabrol, Seth Shostak, Mark Showalter, Fergal Mullally
SETI Institute
April 26, 2016 The SOFIA Observatory: Revealing the Hidden Universe with Airborne Science
Pamela Marcum
NASA Ames Research Center
April 20, 2016 The Twisted Universe: the cosmic quest to reveal which end is up
Brian Keating
UC San Diego
April 12, 2016 Orbital Dynamics Suggests A Recent Formation of Saturn's Moons
Matija Cuk
SETI Institute
March 22, 2016 From Perchlorate in breast milk to Perchlorate on Mars
Sandy DasGupta
UT Arlington
March 15, 2016 On the Shores of Titan's Farthest Sea
Michael Carroll
March 08, 2016 Exploring the outer Solar System: now in vivid colour
Michele Bannister
University of Victoria
March 02, 2016 SETI and the Computational Universe
Stephen Wolfram
February 23, 2016 The Breakthrough Initiative - Listen and Megastructures at KIC 8463
Andrew Siemion
UC Berkeley
February 09, 2016 Geology After Pluto
Jeff Moore
NASA Ames Research Center
January 26, 2016 The bizarre orbits of minor planets beyond Neptune
Ann-Marie Madigan
UC Berkeley
January 19, 2016 Observing the re-entry of space debris WT1190F
Peter Jenniskens
SETI Institute
January 12, 2016 Life in the Universe — the Breakthrough Initiatives
S. Pete Worden
Breakthrough Initiatives and Executive Director, Life in the Universe Division
January 05, 2016 Finding Amazing Structures Hidden in Big, Complex, Dense, Raw Data
Marvin Weinstein
Quantum Insights
December 08, 2015 Pinpointing the Search for Life in Ancient Martian Hot Springs
J.R. Skok
SETI Institute
December 01, 2015 Power laws, predictable evolution, and the limits of life
Chris Kempes
Santa Fe Institute
October 20, 2015 Are Old Galaxies Really Red and Dead?
Leo Blitz
UC Berkeley
October 13, 2015 Astrochemistry: putting the astro in astrobiology
Alexander Tielens
University of Leiden
September 09, 2014 Earth-Sized Planets in the Habitable Zones of Cool Stars
Elisa Quintana
SETI Institute
July 15, 2014 Water Vapor at Europa’s South Pole – Observations by the Hubble Space Telescope
Lorenz Roth
Southwest Research Institute
March 25, 2014 Why SuperEarths are not Earthlike
David Stevenson
California Institute of Technology
March 04, 2014 Refactoring Space Exploration with Soft Machines
Vytas SunSpiral
NASA Ames/Stinger Ghaffrian
January 28, 2014 How to search for life in the solar system
Alfonso Davila
SETI Institute
May 14, 2013 Life before genetics: autogenesis, information, and the outer solar system
Terrence W. Deacon
Anthropology Department, UC Berkeley
March 12, 2013 A Different Universe
Robert Laughlin
November 01, 2012 Planetary Lake Lander
Nathalie Cabrol
SETI Institute
May 23, 2012 Astrobiology at the Carl Sagan Center
David Morrison
Director of the Carl Sagan Center for Life in the Universe
March 07, 2012 How To Build A Time Machine
Paul Davies
Beyond Center, Arizona State University
March 15, 2011 Planetary Science Decadal Survey Rollout Town Hall Meeting
Scott Hubbard (Stanford and SETI) and Dale Cruikshank (NASA Ames)
February 09, 2011 Biological and Physical Considerations of Unfrozen Water Films: Mars and Antarctic Dry Valleys
Aaron Zent
Planetary Science Division, NASA Ames Research Center
October 13, 2010 A New look at what Life is and how it began
Nick Woolf
University of Arizona
June 09, 2010 The Evolving Intersection of Physics and Biology
Jan Liphardt
UC Berkeley Physics Department
October 28, 2009 The Inner Structure of a Floating Water Bridge
Elmar Fuchs
Wetsus - Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology, The Netherlands
October 07, 2009 Detecting Organics using Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Nathan Bramall, NASA Ames Space Science Division
September 09, 2009 Pavilion Lake - Diving Deep to get us to the Moon and Mars
Darlene Lim
SETI Institute and NASA Ames Space Science Division
February 11, 2009 Developing a Roadmap of Astrobiology Societal Issues
Margaret Race, Rocco Mancinelli and Workshop Participants
December 10, 2008 Nuclear Weapons and Space Weapons
Special Panel: Pete Worden, Pavel Podvig and Will Marshall
October 08, 2008 The Galactic Planetary Census
Greg Laughlin
UC Santa Cruz
October 01, 2008 What's hot in Saturn's Rings?
Dr. Jeff Cuzzi (NASA Ames), Dr. Mark Showalter (SETI Institute) and Dr. Stuart Pilorz (JPL/SETI Institute)
September 17, 2008 Direct detection of extrasolar planets and the Gemini Planet Imager
Dr. Bruce Macintosh
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
August 20, 2008 The Advanced Studies Laboratory - A unique linkage between UCSC and NASA Ames
Dr. Rosalind Grymes
UC Santa Cruz and NASA Ames Advanced Studies Laboratory
August 06, 2008 Life in a cold and dry planet - Lessons for the Phoenix Mission
Alfonso F. Davila
NASA Ames Space Sciences Postdoctoral Researcher
June 11, 2008 The Role of Cortical Noise in Brain Function
Prof. Donald A. Glaser, UC Berkeley (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1960 for the invention of the "bubble chamber")
UC Berkeley
May 07, 2008 The NEO Challenge: Technology and Politics
Rusty Schweickart and Ed Lu
March 19, 2008 The Energetics of Habitability
Tori Hoehler
December 05, 2007 Extremophiles: What it takes for life to survive beyond the home planet
Rocco Mancinelli
SETI Institute