Earth Sciences Lectures

July 14, 2015 Kepler 138b - A Mars size planet in a Tug of War
Jason Rowe
SETI Institute
July 07, 2015 Extreme Environments: Hydrothermal settings for early life on Earth or Mars
Kathy Campbell
University of Auckland
February 17, 2015 The Anthropocene Epoch in Cosmic Evolution
David Grinspoon
October 21, 2014 Summary of Workshop on Interspecies Communication
Laurance Doyle, Lori Marino, Denise Herzing
SETI Institute, The Kimella Center, Wild Dolphin Project
December 17, 2013 Life's Struggle to Survive
John Baez
UC Riverside
September 17, 2013 Marine microbial mats and our early biosphere
David Des Marais
NASA Ames Research Center
May 28, 2013 Do cyanobacteria use iron for photosynthesis?
Niki Parenteau
SETI Institute
December 11, 2012 Why the World Will Still Be Here After December 21st.
David Morrison, NASA Ames Research Center. Ed Krupp, Griffith Observatory, Southern California. Andrew Fraknoi, Foothill College
October 17, 2012 Climate Change: What's Going On With the Sun?
Dan Lubin
SETI Institute
August 01, 2012 Neutrinos from Hell: the Dawn of Neutrino Geophysics
Giorgio Gratta
Physics Department, Stanford University
July 18, 2012 The Geology of the Terrestrial Planets: Perspectives on the Earth
Jim Head
Planetary Geosciences Department, Brown University
April 25, 2012 How evolution shapes virus diversity: lessons learned from mosquitoes and shrews
Shannon Benett
Assoc. Curator of Microbiology, California Academy of Sciences
November 09, 2011 Past Climate In Antarctica: Looking Back to Our Future
Stephen Pekar
City University of New York
October 26, 2011 Living with a Star - dangerously
Friedemann Freund
SETI Institute
October 12, 2011 Earth science collaborative for ecological forecasting
Ramakrishna Nemani
May 18, 2011 Construction on the 10,000 Year Clock Begins
Alexander Rose
Executive Director and Clock Project Manager, Long Now Foundation
June 17, 2009 Apocolypse: Earthquakes, Archeology and the the Wrath of God
Amos Nur
Emeritus Wayne Loel Professor of Earth Sciences & Professor of Geophysics, Stanford University
March 18, 2009 Discovery of Strong Cycles in Fossil Diversity
Richard Muller
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, UC Berkeley
July 16, 2008 Creation and Destruction of Continental Crust at Subduction Zones
Eli Silver
UC Santa Cruz, Earth and Planetary Sciences