Analysis of Data Lectures

March 24, 2015 The Dynamics of the Yellowstone Hydrothermal System
Shaul Hurwitz
US Geological Survey, Menlo Park
March 18, 2014 Patterns of Sunlight on Extra-Solar Planets
Tony Dobrovolskis
SETI Institute
March 11, 2014 Pardon our Dust: Infrared Spectroscopy and Insterstellar Dust
Jean Chiar
SETI Institute
October 01, 2013 Exploring Complex, High-Dimensional Data For Hidden Structure
Marvin Weinstein
Theoretical Physics Group, Stanford University
February 08, 2013 Robots, Embodiment, and Mediated Virtuality
Danny Bazo
UC Santa Barbara
June 06, 2012 Machine Learning for Exploring Data Streams: Lessons from the VLBA
David Thompson
Machine Learning and Instrument Autonomy, JPL
April 18, 2012 The Search for New Particles at the CERN Large Hadron Collider
Michael Peskin
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
September 14, 2011 Gravitational wave astronomy: a peek through the window
Paul Groot
Radboud University, Nijmegan, Netherlands
September 07, 2011 Gravity Probe B: The Relativity Gyroscope Experiment
Barry Muhlfelder
High Energy Physics Laboratory, Stanford University
August 15, 2011 How to publish a paper in Nature
Leslie Sage
Astronomy Senior Editor, Nature
June 22, 2011 Laser Plasma Spectrochemistry
Richard Russo
UC Berkeley Lawrence Berkeley Lab and Applied Spectra
March 11, 2009 Tools for Probing the Universe: from the Smallest to Largest and All Scales In Between
Jeffrey Scargle
NASA Ames Space Science Division
June 18, 2008 Exploratory data analysis of planetary hyperspectral datasets - use of statistics to enhance mission science return
Mario Parente
Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University and SETI Institute