The Life, The Sea and The Space Viking Dr. Kári Stefánsson at Decode in Iceland, the search for the Viking gene

Throughout October and November, the SETI Institute will release some of the short videos and trailers developed in house at the SETI Institute by our Designer of Experiences Nelly Ben Hayoun as part of the project The Life, the Sea and the Space Viking which deals with the contemporary debates on astrobiology and terraforming. Two areas of expertise developed at the SETI Institute by our world class scientists.

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THE LIFE, THE SEA AND THE SPACE VIKING// Dr. Kári Stefánsson at Decode in Iceland, the search for the viking gene

Join Nelly as she meets with Kari Stefansson the president and founder of Decode Genetics.  Nelly and Kari plot to specify and define the Viking Gene. 

Kari Stefansson, President and Cofounder of Decode Genetics

Kári Stefánsson, (b. 1949, Iceland) is an Icelandic neurologist, who is the President, Chairman, CEO and co-founder of deCODE Genetics. He has pioneered the monitoring of the DNA of a large fraction of an entire country's population leading to a complete genealogy of its native inhabitants. This has led to the discovery of the neuregulin-1 gene's association with schizophrenia.

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