Become a Principal Investigator
The world's best astrobiologists and SETI scientists work at the SETI Institute; so should you.

Director of Education
The SETI Institute is seeking a creative and visionary leader to serve as its Director of Education and to continue and expand its broad-based program in formal and informal education.

Web and Database Developer
The SETI Institute is looking for an experienced “full stack” web developer in a production environment. In collaboration with other team members, the Web and Database Developer is responsible for proposing and designing new features and developing long-term technology plans.

Kepler/K2 Support scientist
NASA’s K2 mission delivers high-precision space-borne photometry which enables ground-breaking science in all areas of astrophysics, including exoplanet science, stellar astrophysics, extragalactic physics, and solar system science. 

Research Assistant 
The Research Assistant will be assisting in a variety of projects related to the development of MapX, a micro-pore optics X-ray spectro-imager designed to image mineral samples in X-ray. This may include data analysis efforts of Map-X images of rock, mineral, and artificial targets.  The Research Assistant will also be working with MapX-III, our prototype instrument at NASA Ames, and participate to the development of image and spectral algorithm software and website.