Planetary Protection: Policy Development, Implementation Issues, and Societal Concerns

Grant #: NNX11AH58A
Senior Scientist: Margaret Race


This unsolicited grant proposal, “Planetary Protection: Analysis of Implementation Issues and Societal Concerns for Solar System Missions”, includes research and activities planned for the next three years that will systematically examine and analyze critical questions related to planetary protection (PP) and its implementation on current and future solar system missions.  In particular, the work will maintain a focus on planetary protection policies and implementation in the context of scientific exploration in the solar system, and will also examine and communicate about the implications of new and revised PP policy in response to future planned human missions and commercial space activities on the Moon and Mars.  The total budget is calculated at  $1,043,148 for the duration of the project. The overall grant comprises work in two main areas:

1) Research, analysis, communication and monitoring work by Margaret Race, Principal Investigator, and

2) Planetary Protection Program support and consulting services associated with the needs of the Planetary Protection Office and its work.