Mongolian and other Historic Solar Eclipses


Wednesday, February 03 2010 - 12:00 pm, PST
Laurance Doyle
SETI Institute

Dr. Doyle will discuss some simple solar and lunar eclipse observations (including a new one known as the "Emerald Tiara") as well as some of the historic eclipses that have occurred over the past several millennia, and what we have learned from them. Emphasis will be placed on special eclipse events -- eclipses that stopped wars, that proved the general theory of relativity, and so on. Dr. Doyle will spend some time discussing a special Mongolian eclipse that occurred in the 13th Century that helped to determine the modern rate of rotation of the Earth. Some Mongolian culture will be discussed -- since Dr. Doyle was recently on an eclipse expedition to Mongolia -- which will include Tovan throat singing.

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icon for view videoMongolian Throat Singing, courtesy of L. Doyle 

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