Jason Rowe

Jason Rowe
Research Scientist

Jason received his PhD. at the University of British Columbia for work on measuring the reflectively of extra-solar planets using photometric measurements from the Canadian MOST Satellite. After his PhD Jason joined the Kepler team as a NASA Postdoctoral Fellow contributing towards the first Kepler discoveries. Jason is current a Research Scientist at the SETI Institute and a member of the Kepler Science-Office. His interests include exoplanet and stellar characterization to help understand the nature of distant worlds.

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Uniform Modeling of Kepler Objects of Interest

The central objective of this proposal is perform uniform state-of-the-art lightcurve modeling with Kepler's list of planetary candidates (Kepler Objects of Interest or KOIs) using tested and validated algorithms. This process includes modeling of planetary transits, phase curves and providing orbital solutions. We will use Kepler-photometry and other groundbased observables to determine key planetary parameters such as the radius and mass. More importantly, we will also determine posterior probability distributions for the fitted parameters by employing state-of-the-art Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms.