Rosalba Bonaccorsi

Rosalba Bonaccorsi
Research Scientist
Natural Sciences, Environmental Sciences
Curriculum Vitae: 
Astrobiology, Environmental Sciences, Bio-sedimentology, Marine Geochemistry
Planetary studies can spark the imagination. We want to go to Mars. Humans have dreamed of going to another planet and looking for life throughout the ages. We want to better understand the nature of the Solar System and we want to know if we're alone.

Keen to achieve a wide picture of where life and its signatures for life are most successfully distributed, concentrated, preserved, and detected, Environmental Scientist Dr. Rosalba Bonaccorsi has expanded her work to include environmental aspects of Planetary Protection. Rosalba joined the SETI Institute in 2008, and believes "where" to go on a planet to find evidence of life will determine our chance of finding it! She is currently focusing on the potential habitability aspects of surface/near-surface mineral analog environments. Her broad experience beyond Environmental Science includes biology and geology, marine mammals, sedimentology and organic geochemistry. Her research has provided her with extensive experience in bulk organics analysis on literally any kind of sample.

More on Rosalba's technical expertise here.

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Detection of Organics and Bioburden

Testing of a Raman/UV instrument designed for remote detection of organic materials on future astrobiology missions, to assist in the protection of other planets from Earth microbes carried by spacecraft.